Introducing the Paperless Office

The paperless office is the first step toward digital transformation in your organization and it refers to the deliberate removal of paper from processes, with the goal of improving efficiency. Digitization is at the core of the paperless office.

Organizations today remain at the mercy of paper-based systems, despite available technologies to reduce paper usage, if not remove it, altogether.

In fact, only 18% of companies today can be considered truly paperless. Scary, isn’t it? What’s even scarier are the BIG problems with using paper. Handling paper is cumbersome, impedes productivity, reduces operational efficiency, and costs companies money — and a lot of it.

Gartner estimates that companies spend between 1 to 3% of their revenue on office printing and according to research by McKinsey, employees spend roughly 20% of the average working week searching for and gathering information.  That doesn’t even account for the cost of filing, shipping and storing documents— let alone the cost of the actual paper.

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Paperless Office Modules


What does it mean to go Paperless?

1- Information that started as paper is transformed into electronic form. Documents are scanned, indexed, and stored securely in a central repository for easy retrieval.

2- Processes that were manual are now automated. For example, the right document management system will integrate with other applications for streamlined workflows across business functions.

3- You can access electronic documents, any time, anywhere, and from any device. This is critical if you have multiple offices or employees that need access to documents remotely.

Benefits of going Paperless

A paperless office is one that eliminates paper products entirely, and thereby eliminates the cost of buying, copying, printing, and storing paper. It performs most tasks using electronic communications including Emails and online document services. All documents will be converted to digital form and physical documents will be discarded.

Advantages of Paperless Office:

      • The first advantage of running a paperless office is that you have a positive effect on the environment. By consuming less paper, you are preserving natural resources and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

      • Creating a paperless office will save a lot of physical space, as most records will be stored online instead of having to store paper files in cabinets.

      • Apart from saving space, another benefit of a paperless office is that it will also have a big effect on the expenses of the company. Less space means less money is spent on the lease or rent for your office.

      • Time-saving: You will not have to go through each and every cabinet to find a file — you can easily perform a search via your computer or mobile device to find the file that you are looking for.

      • Easily accessible: All of your business’s files will be easily accessible.

      • A paperless office can be more secure as files can be password protected and access can be restricted to certain employees.

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