When talking to customers about Dark Web and how to protect their assets there, we realize that there is still a lot of unclarity about what Dark Web is and a lot of questions come up.

In this article, we will answer the most common ones – such as:

  • what is Dark Web
  • how does it affect your organization
  • what can be done to prevent attacks and minimize risks

What is Dark Web?

Many of us don’t know that the Surface Web, the internet you can search on Google is only 4% of the total available content in the Web.

Most data is buried below the water line: either in the Deep Web (90%) or in the Dark Web (6%).

This means that, no matter how massive the amount of data in the Surface Web, the Dark Web is 50% bigger than that!

The Deep Web contains the data not accessible via search engines, such as government, academic and corporate information, medical records, personal cloud storage, and much more.

The Dark Web is the portion of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous and untraceable.

Web Iceberg Analysis, Surface, Deep and Dark Web
Web Iceberg Analysis

While the most famous engine to access the Dark Web is TOR (“the onion router”), there are more than one Dark Webs.

The focus on privacy and anonymity make Darw Webs ideal locations for criminals to share tools and information and offer their services for sale: gambling to trading of drugs and guns, fraud, and hacking.

Dark Web Activities

How does Darkweb affect my organization?

The key of the problem is that you don’t know, what you don’t know.

Let’s look as some data.

Protect your assets in the Dark Web

You don’t know, what you don’t know

Information belonging to your company (credentials and credit cards information belonging to employees and customers, confidential information, trade secrets, …) might already be available on the Dark Web.

Knowing about it as soon as it happens is the only thing that can help you prevent an imminent attack.

There are examples in the recent history of Fortune 500 companies who were wiped out of the market due to confidential information being stolen via attacks orchestrated on the Dark Web.

What can I do about it?

As we have seen and among other illegal activities, the Dark Web is effectively and succesfully used to orchestrate

Even the most expert and resourceful investigators have a very hard time catching perpetrators hiding with the anonymity tools provided by the Dark Web technologies.

The only solution is to defend your assets is to prevent these attacks to happen by monitoring the activities on the Dark Web.

Luckily, there are specialized companies that offer services to scan, monitor and the Dark Web and alert you when this is happening so that the right actions can be taken on time.

SearchLight Security, a QRTD Partner Company, provides top quality Dark Web monitoring solutions.

Searchlight Security is a leading darknet intelligence company, working with law enforcement, industry, and end users to help protect society against the threats of the darknet.

Their sophisticated suite of products are at the forefront of global Dark Web investigations providing new functionality and capability.

From accessing hidden data to monitoring targets and the threat landscape, our powerful tools provides actionable data and automated alerts, so whether you are protecting your brand or leading a team of investigators, we have got your back.

Searchlight Security shines a light on Darkweb threats, providing deep insight and actionable data to reveal what the hidden threat landscape actually looks like, and using big data methodologies and machine learning to provide the bird’s eye view as well as the details.

Their world leading products are used by law enforcement and businesses across the globe.